World Trade Press

World Trade Press is a publishing and information products company dedicated to providing reliable, up-to-date digital media essential for researchers, educators, travelers, and logistics and international trade professionals. These products draw from our Global Knowledgebase of digital reference information, which complements our printed offerings that include maps, books, and atlases.

World Trade Press philosophy is that we can strengthen mutual understanding across cultures by lowering the information barriers that prevent individuals and organizations from succeeding in the international arena. This outlook originates with the company's founder, Edward G. Hinkelman, an author and economist (Tufts University, University of Paris 'Sorbonne) whose career in the export-import business spanned more than 30 years and took him to 67 countries.

Realizing the need for accurate international trade publications, Mr. Hinkelman founded World Trade Press in 1993. The company has since expanded to meet the needs of libraries, universities, businesses, and many other types of organizations. A passion for high-quality, comprehensive products drives the company and our staff, which works with an international team of writers and topic experts to create content unsurpassed in the fields of culture, travel, language, trade, business, logistics, security, and communications.