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Communications: Dialing Guide

Basic Calling Information

Area Codes and Local Numbers

  • Area codes in Germany contain between two and five digits. 
  • Some cities may have two or more area codes within their boundaries. 
  • Subscriber numbers in Germany contain three to nine digits.
  • Area code + subscriber number in Germany between five to 10 digits.
  • When calling between cities within Germany, dial the DAC ("0") before the area code. Do not dial this access code when calling from another country. 
  • Optional carrier codes are available to designate which long-distance carrier will handle your call. 

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phone numbers in Germany contain 10 or 11 digits. 
  • Mobile phone numbers are assigned non-geographic prefixes: "015," "016," or "017."
  • When calling a mobile phone from within Germany, always dial the DAC ("0") before the subscriber number. Do not dial this access code when calling from another country.

Special Numbers and Services

  • The telephone system in Germany generates metering tones that can disrupt modem transmissions. A tax impulsing tone filter (telephone line filter) is recommended when plugging a digital telephone or laptop computer into a host nation telephone line.
  • Toll-free numbers start with the prefix "0-800."
  • Premium numbers start with the prefix "1-90X."
  • Dialing "0" will usually get you an outside line when calling from a business or other self-contained (PBX) telephone system.


  • Ring tone: Equal tones, separated by long pauses
  • Busy tone: Equal length on and off tones

Online Directories

Business Directories: and

Dialing Codes
Code Type Definition Code
Country Calling Code Code to call Germany from another country 49
International Direct Dialing Code (IDD) Prefix to make an international call from Germany 00
Domestic Access Code (DAC) Prefix to make a call between cities in Germany 0

Calling Examples
International Calls To
Calls Within
International Calls
From Germany
Dial your country's IDD + country code for Germany + area code in Germany + local number Local: Dial the local number
Long distance: Dial the DAC for Germany + area code + local number
Dial the IDD for Germany + country code of country being dialed + area code (or mobile phone prefix) + local number
Example of an international call from the US to Hamburg, Germany:
011 + [49] + (40) + local number
Example of a long distance call from Hamburg:
0 + (40) + local number
Example of an international call from Germany to San Francisco, US:
00 + [1] + (415) + local number

Source: International Telecommunications Union