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Names: Female Given Names

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Popular Male Given Names in Germany

Rank Name Meaning
1 Peter rock
2 Michael "Who is like God?"
3 Wolfgang path of the wolf
4 Thomas twin
5 Klaus people of victory
6 Werner defender
7 Manfred man of peace
8 Hans "God is gracious"
9 Heinz ruler of the home
10 Andreas manly
12 Helmut protector
13 Gerhard spear ruler
15 Dieter army of the people
16 Horst man from the forest
17 Josef "God increases"
18 Frank from France
19 Walter powerful warrior
20 Bernd brave bear
21 Karl free man
22 Herbert bright army
23 Martin dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
24 Christian follower of Christ
25 Stefan crown
26 Franz free man
27 Uwe universal ruler
28 Karl-Heinz free man + ruler of the home
29 Georg farmer
30 Heinrich ruler of the home
31 Hermann army man
32 Rudolf fame wolf
33 Rolf wolf
34 Kurt bold counselor
35 Siegfried peace of victory
36 Rainer deciding warrior
37 Joachim established by God
38 Johann "God is gracious"
39 Ralf wolf counsel
40 Norbert bright north
41 Wilhelm resolute protector
42 Bernhard brave bear
43 Markus dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
45 Alfred elf counsel
46 Matthias gift of God
47 Alexander defender of man
48 Ulrich wealthy noble
49 Willi resolute protector
50 Erich eternal ruler