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Names: Female Given Names

Women of various ages

Popular Female Given Names in Germany

Rank Name Meaning
1 Ursula little bear
2 Maria star of the sea
3 Monika advisor
4 Petra rock
5 Renate born again
6 Helga holy
7 Karin pure
8 Sabine woman from Sabine (modern-day central Italy)
9 Brigitte power, strength
10 Ingrid "Ing is beautiful" (Norse fertility god)
11 Elisabeth "God is my oath"
12 Andrea manly
13 Gisela pledge
14 Erika eternal ruler
15 Christa anointed one
16 Claudia lame
17 Christine follower of Christ
18 Susanne lily
19 Heike home ruler
20 Elke of noble birth
21 Barbara strange, foreign
22 Martina dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
23 Marianne of the sea
24 Inge guarded by Ing (Norse fertility god)
25 Hildegard battle guard
26 Angelika angelic
27 Anna grace, favor
28 Ute wealthy
29 Doris gift
30 Irmgard complete, whole
31 Hannelore "God is gracious"
32 Gertrud spear
33 Ulrike mistress of all
34 Kerstin follower of Christ
35 Jutta from Judea
36 Ruth friend
37 Anja grace, favor
38 Gerda shelter
39 Sandra man's defender
40 Christel follower of Christ
41 Elfriede elf-strength
42 Rita pearl
43 Anneliese graced with God's bounty
44 Waltraud strong ruler
45 Edith prosperous in war
46 Ilse pledged to God
47 Nicole victory of the people
48 Beate blessed
49 Regina queen
50 Rosemarie dew of the sea