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Travel Essentials: Loss of Passport

If your passport is lost or stolen while you are overseas, report it immediately to the local police and to your nearest embassy or consulate. A consul can often issue a replacement passport, although the speed of this emergency service may vary widely. Contact information may be found in the Embassies & Consulates section.

Note that passports reported lost or stolen are invalidated and can no longer be used for travel.

To Replace Your Lost or Stolen U.S. Passport

You must appear in person to obtain a replacement U.S. Passport. To replace your lost or stolen U.S. passport, submit the following forms in person at a Passport Agency or Acceptance Facility:

  • Form DS-11: Application for a U.S. Passport, and
  • Form DS-64: Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport
Mailing in a Report of Valid Passport Lost or Stolen

Obtain Form DS-64: Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport from the closest U.S. embassy or consulate or online at Once completed, send to:
U.S. Department of State
Passport Services
Consular Lost/Stolen Passport Section
1111 19th Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036 USA

Phoning in a Report of Valid Passport Lost or Stolen

Toll free: [1] (877) 487-2778, (TTY [1] (888) 874-7793)

Operators are available 8 a.m.–10 p.m., eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

Links to contact information for U.S. embassies and consulates may be found at